Welcome to the Agency

Welcome to Agent - the premier all-in-one platform for creating, managing, earning and trading with Web3 Sub-Accounts.

Agent platform consists of three pillars:

  • the Account Platform

  • the App Store

  • the Account Marketplace.

Agent provides Web3 users with maximum flexibility and control over their accounts and DeFi earning strategies by enabling the creation and intuitive management of multiple Web3 Sub-Accounts on its Account Platform.

It allows seamless connections to a wide range of dApps in its App Store and supports any EVM dApp, with a primary focus on those with points, airdrops, and other โ€œaccount-bound assetsโ€ (i.e., locked assets).

The Marketplace adds immediate value to points and tokens accrued to a Sub-Account (even before TGE or airdrops have taken place) by making Sub-Accounts tradable in a trustless and transparent way.

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